Dates Coached: from 2004 to present day (2014).

Experience of the Coaching Intervention

Our company was founded in July 2002 with 18 permanent staff in rundown rented premises in Woodstock Cape Town. Mr. Borchers agreed to undertake coaching sessions during 2004 (sitting on boxes in the store room in the days before we had a meeting room!). Most of us had never been exposed to this form of mentorship but it proved to be a masterstroke leading to among other things, the realisation of our purpose and values statement.

Mr Borchers has continued with us to present day, mentoring senior managers, heads of departments and ordinary office and factory workers at our Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban branches.

Without question, this intervention and especially the personal interest and concern shown by Mr Borchers for our staff and sustainability of our company, has undoubtedly contributed to the success we have enjoyed.

We are currently working on our BHAG “to be the best manufacturer and full solutions supplier to the food service industry in South Africa by 2020” and we look forward to achieving this and other milestones under Mr Borchers mentorship.

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