Experience of the Coaching Intervention

I was very privileged in that I was exposed to one to one coaching by Victor Borchers on the very day that I started my position as Centre Manager for Lifestyle Centre in Ballito. I have held this position for 5 years.

The real success for our company and the reason why we have worked so effectively with Victor, is that it has not only been the Managers of certain divisions that have attended these sessions, but also the owners and Directors of the Company.

Often it is the people who are in the senior roles within their organisations who are most in need of developing and expanding their leadership qualities.

Victor began the process by working with the owners and senior management with the privacy and confidentiality of one on one coaching.

Once the owners and Senior Management worked through individual one on one sessions, we then had the opportunity of Victor facilitating this group of individuals with a common goal of creating a Purpose and Values Statement.

These group dynamics are different from and more complex than the individual dynamics as not only do the team members provide a contribution each as an individual, but also skilled development of their participation as a Team can achieve results far beyond expected individual results.

In our organization we thrive on the ability of the Manager to lead and thereby create an energy where the Team work together to achieve results that they couldn’t otherwise achieve.

This whole process has been orchestrated by Victor in a manner that has enabled individuals to grow and weather the highs and lows of organizational life with resilience, humour and common sense.



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