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Dates Coached: 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014 current.
Experience of the Coaching Intervention
It is indeed an absolute pleasure to have been asked to write a letter of reference for an individual of the caliber, qualification, experience and expertise of Mr Victor Borchers.
Mr Borchers started coaching and mentoring at Dolphin Coast Retailers (DCR) in 2010.   The different levels of individuals that Mr Borchers coaches at DCR are the Owners, Executive Management Team, Senior Managers and Middle Managers. The coaching with Mr  Borchers covered the following:
  • Individual Discus
  • Individual Values
  • Role Clarity
  • 360 degree exercise
  • Systems Theory and Holism & Culture
  • Purpose & Values
  • BHAG
In 2012 Mr Borchers and the Senior Management team of DCR began clearly defining and determining the Purpose and Values statement of the organization.  The ultimate objective of the Purpose and Values statement is to establish a culture that will drive the business forward and make it sustainable. The Purpose and Values statement was finalized in 2013 and we are currently rolling out our Purpose and Values statement to our Middle Managers.  The Senior Management team is currently working on the BHAG.
Also covered in our coaching sessions with Mr Borchers were elements of business and business strategies.  As a result of Mr Borchers vast experience and exposure to various business types, Mr Borchers has passed onto us invaluable knowledge.  In our coaching sessions, Mr Borchers has shared a number of real life examples that he has experienced or has been exposed to, which we are able to learn from.
Mr Borchers coaching lessons are vibrant and very interesting.  I doubt that there are many Executive Coaches out there that have the spectrum of knowledge and speaking talent to that of Mr Borchers.  He possesses knowledge that is not readily available and not commonly heard of.  Mr Borchers is very passionate about his work and what he does.  Mr Borchers can easily communicate with the different levels of management.
Our coaching sessions with Mr Borchers is not only assisting us in ensuring that DCR becomes a sustainable organization, but is also assisting us in becoming better human beings.
DCR have pleasure in recommending Mr Victor Borchers for ACCREDITATION FOR COMMENSA.