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Dates Coached: 2009-2014 and continuing.
Experience of the Coaching Intervention.
Victor has been my/our coach and mentor since 2009 – 2014 and continuing and how I wish I had met Victor earlier in my working life, when my brother and I went on our own in 1996, as he has turned my/our whole thinking of what a business is all about on its head where he has taught us that our focus should be on our customers and that profit will follow automatically and that if we only think about profit that our business won’t be around for long as our focus would be short term.
When Victor first started with us, me and my senior management team started putting together our purpose and values and recently we have worked through this with our middle management, to get their buy in, and are now in the process of doing the same exercise with our total staff compliment of 500 staff members.
A lot of my senior and junior managers have never had the opportunity to study/train or be coached and Victors coaching has developed these members of my team where they feel as though they are developing and growing even at this late stage in some of their retailing lives. They feel like they are getting a degree but I think that what they are learning is worth more than any degree.
Why Victor is such a good coach is that firstly he does it purely out of passion and that he wants to see others benefit and succeed from his coaching and the second reason is that he talks from experience and real life learnings which makes the sessions so interesting and real.
Victor has been in the army, has been a Pastor, been in parliament, was a great sportsman, owned his own businesses, been a Director of large company’s and a lot of others which I have not mentioned. He has also had businesses that have been a very successful and has had businesses that have underperformed and closed down.
As a result of Victor having achieved so much in his life this has made his coaching so interesting and real which has made the coaching so exciting and informative and has allowed my managers to relate it back to areas of their businesses.
Having had Victor as our coach will enable our business to perform better and will leave a strong base for our kids to take over from.
I wish there were more Victors around as I would like other friends and family of mine to benefit from someone like Victor.
Kind Regards
Paul Rencken.