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Dates Coached: 2012-2013
Experience of the Coaching Intervention
I cannot stress the importance of the value & input the coaching that we received enough. The narrow-minded approach of the average individual in the business world gets exposed & a new world is opened up once you start entering into the finer details of managing a business by implementing the necessary goals, vision & mission into the workplace.
Victor was absolutely brilliant in his coaching skills & not only helped me in my managing skills but definitely also as an individual, husband & father! It was thus very sad when we had to part ways due to a change in Management companies & the services of Vic was ended, especially as we were just completing the ground work & preparing for the actual implementation thereof into the business.
I would recommend Vic from Executive Coaching to any individual & business as a attempt to improve their skills & to run a viable and profitable business.
Yours truly,
Tom Coetzee