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Dates Coached: September 2011 – date
To Whom it may concern
Over the past five years, we have evolved from an obscure outsourced function into a fully-fledged subsidiary that now enjoys the enviable position of outperforming most, if not all, of its counterparts.
It is not only our unique product offering or our marked efficiency that set us apart, but also an almost tangible organisational practice of collective excellence.
The creating and implementation of our “cult-like culture” as codified by our Purpose and Values was by no means inherent, but was achieved through the tireless efforts and invaluable assistance of Victor Borchers who guided our executive body to success.
Victor’s vast management experience couple with his formidable knowledge of management theory, have seen him emerge as a well-respected and highly sort after Master Coach.
The antiquated “lecture” type style favoured by most experts is unheard of by Victor’s clients; his dynamic approach and singular oratory talent ensure a true transfer of knowledge and a profound understanding of the subject matter. In addition, the practical excercises he assigns in between sessions are not only highly relevant, but deliver demonstable results.
Victor’s strong leadership style, uncompromising position on ethics and his alsmots infectious passion for his work, have ensured his position as a vital member of our team.
He has built a strong repport not just with the team as a whole, but with each member individually, and has come to be known affectionately as “Uncle Vic”.
On a more personal note, I often seek counsel with Victor on issues of leadership on an individual basis. His input is always well informed, always relevant and above all, always proves in teh long run to be absolutely correct.
There is no double in my mind that we would be in a very different professional posisiton without Victor. He is a crucial assess, an influential voice and trukly inspirational mentor.
Renee Griessel
CEO: JDG Insurance