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Dates Coached: 2009 – 2014
Experience of the Coaching Intervention
Being in a position of accountability for highly complex decisions which impact on our organization, I commenced executive coaching with Mr. Victor Borchers in 2009.
Training was initially conducted on a one-on-one basis. From the start Mr. Borchers treated me as an equal with integrity and we shared a commitment to both coaching and the organization. Mr. Borchers partnered with me in a thought provoking and a creative process that inspired me to maximize my personal and professional potential and to understand my role as an individual, to recognize my interdependence within our organization and to truly understand the purpose of a business.
Most fundamental to me was understanding and examining my own behaviors and actions. Mr. Borchers maintained an objective and impartial perspective which many a time resulted in lengthy dialogue and the recognition and appreciation of the complexity of the organizational structure in which I function. I was encouraged to be honest and direct and Mr. Borchers personal wealth of experience which he shared was insightful and invaluable and he always listened attentively and with an open mind.
We then progressed to team coaching to establish our organizations purpose and values, strategy and goal setting. Mr. Borchers is confident, mature, optimistic and enthusiastic and often uses humor to diffuse tense situations. He often challenges and confronts even the most senior leaders and addresses conflict directly and constructively.
He is interested and very compassionate to our needs and emotions and is highly motivated towards the pursuit of our and his own goals and very intent on problem solving. He regularly keeps us informed of interesting articles or personal research that makes the whole process more real and up to date.
My personal journey through Mr. Borchers guidance has been incredible and I firmly believe that executive coaching should be regarded as an important component of an overall plan for the development and success of every organization.
Tania Mudde