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Dates Coached: December 2006 to present
Experience of the Coaching Intervention
Vic started coaching myself and my partners in December 2006 when my partnership was on shaky ground. Thanks to Vic’s guidance we managed to define the roles of the various people in our organization and now have an extremely strong relationship.
Vic helped us to realize that business is all about the customer with profit being a byproduct of this. We established our organisations Purpose and Values after almost 2 years of Vic’s guidance.
By focusing on our guests we managed to take our group of companies to another level profit wise and we continue to strive to be the best in our industry.
Vic has also worked and continues to work with all partners and senior management. We are working to ensure that all of our people understand and live our Purpose and Values. We are presently working on establishing our BHAG’s.
I would highly recommend Vic as a mentor and a coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and his guidance is immeasurable. He has assisted myself and my partners not only in business but also on a personal level.
Neill Dudas
Natspur Group 0824543608