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Dates Coached: 2004-2014.
Experience of the Coaching Intervention
To whom it may concern
Victor Borchers has been the executive coach for our management team at Royal Malewane for the past 10 years. His knowledge and passion for business and his long-term vision of sustainable values and company ethos is exceptional. He has helped us bring out the unwritten purpose and core values of our business. In so doing, he has created a credible, tangible language for everyone to understand and live by, which in turn is passed on to everyone who works for us.
Through the many examples he has given us over the years of successful long-term business practices from some of the top companies in the world he has helped all of us to understand that everything we are striving for at Royal Malewane is not just theory, but can be turned into reality. https://www.theroyalportfolio.com/royal-malewane/awards/
I look forward to continuing a successful working relationship with Victor, as he grows our team at Royal Malewane from good to great.
Juan Pinto Director Royal Malewane
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