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Dates Coached: 2004 to Current (2014) for the Royal Portfolio; weekly personal training 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 – and ongoing.
Experience of the Coaching Intervention
Victor Borchers has coached The Royal Portfolio since 2004. He has coached me personally on a weekly basis since 2011. The organisational coaching and my personal training is ongoing.
The coaching intervention has been instrumental in developing our business over the last 10 years. Victor drove the business into setting up our Purpose & Values statement which is arguable the single most important thing we have achieved in the last decade. He has worked closely with all of our senior staff developing them as people, managers and leaders. He continues to be the prime motivator and personal contact in our organization. He has laid down the ground work that will enable us to grow the business whilst not changing our core which is our key to success. He has simply taken our staff and our business to the next level.
Personally he has coached me weekly for nearly 4 years. He has developed me as a person, manager and a leader. He has given me the skills, the tools and the confidence to lead our organization. He is an integral part of our organisation and it would be hard to envisage our business without his guiding hand.