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Dates Coached: May 1996.
Experience of the Coaching Intervention:
I had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Victor Borchers in May 1996 while employed by Vision Point of Sale as the Vice President Sales and Marketing.
Victor’s charge was to evaluate the organization’s structure and communication process between the executive team (CEO, VP Operations, VP Finance, and VP Sales and Marketing) and provide insight into how we could improve as a team and an organization.
I was incredibly impressed by Victor’s approach and knowledge of organizational design and the power of a high performing, trusting culture.
Victor’s insight and personal coaching helped the organization through a tough time and made both the organization and the individuals involved better at what they did on a daily basis to meet the needs of our customers.
I would not hesitate to engage Victor again and would fully support his consideration to colleagues, clients, and friends. In my experience, he was one of the best at what he does and the return on investment in Victor’s insight and coaching to our organization and to me as an individual was significant.
Dean Hart