Note: This is an original article from the New Leader’s e-News by the Art Petty Group.

  1. Grow comfortable giving feedback of all types. I’ll beat this drum until I can’t type anymore. There’s no more powerful performance tool than your ability to confidently deliver feedback of all types. High performers demand it…it’s rocket fuel for their own work and for everyone, it’s a tool to reinforce good behaviors and eliminate those that detract from effective performance.
  2. Hire slow, fire fast. The most critical decisions you will make as a leader are about the talent you bring into your organization. The second most critical decision will be about the talent you invite to play inside someone else’s organization. We tend to do just the opposite of my mantra…we spend too much time with the wrong people striving to rehabilitate them, and we make our hiring decisions more on gut rather than good, deliberate behavioral interviewing and assessment.
  3. Leave time in your day for spontaneous and informal discussions with your team members. Too many professionals develop a blind adherence to an every-busy outlook calendar. The most interesting and valuable discussions will likely take place outside of the structured meeting. Invite a team member to lunch. Stop by their office or cubicle just to chat. Call a spontaneous meeting with a few of your team workers to offer their views on a business challenge…do something that derails the daily routine just enough to help spark people’s engagement.