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Why the Command-and-Control Mindset Is Killing Your Company

I follow the Corporate Rebels and Joost, in their regular Newsletter, ever so often pens something that I find of great interest and relevant to the current business situation. Joost’s attached document highlights how the current Command-and-Control management approach in business has had a devastating impact upon organizations. He states that “Efficiency (that supposedly comes […]

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Values-Driven Organizations

Fifteen years ago I had problems to persuade my Professor (Middlesex University) to agree that my Master’s thesis should be focussed on Personal Values as the main driver for Continuous Personal High-Performance in business organizations. I had the same problem, a few years later, when I had to choose the focus of a PhD thesis […]

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The Seven Senses of Self Development

Dr Sherrie Campbell is a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of clinical training and experience. Apart from providing counselling  and psychotherapy services she is one of the top writers for and hosts her own Radio Show. As an author she has published 3 books. Recently I came across a document she wrote on […]

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5 Conditions for an Effective Team

Rodger Dean Duncan in his book “LeaderSHOP” claims that “Teamwork is more common as a buzzword than as an actual practice”. He continues to write “In a bid to boost performance, teamwork is touted in corporate vision statements, on wall posters, T-shirts, key chains and coffee mugs. Teamwork is the subject of banal pep talks […]

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In terms of business growth, outlook and profitability, 2019 will probably turn out to be as limp as 2018. Any self-respecting and responsible person will be asking what should be done to prevent sinking into a stultifying malaise. Well, before acting one should think, explore and question what we understand, expect and normally do. Max […]

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The Steinhoff crash wiped more than R200 billion off the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, erased more than half the wealth of tycoon Christo Wiese and knocked the pension funds of millions of ordinary South Africans. “Enron is the Olympic Gold of corporate fraud. Enron lost R 693 billion, Steinhoff at its peak lost R 350 billion. […]

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Building Your Business to be the Best