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The Steinhoff crash wiped more than R200 billion off the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, erased more than half the wealth of tycoon Christo Wiese and knocked the pension funds of millions of ordinary South Africans. “Enron is the Olympic Gold of corporate fraud. Enron lost R 693 billion, Steinhoff at its peak lost R 350 billion. […]

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What is at the Heart of Credibility?

In this communication, I want to share a bit of the remarkable work done on the credibility (or otherwise) of Business Leaders by four senior people in academia which appears in the MIT Sloan Management Review of August 17, 2018. The “Fabulous Four” conducted several field studies over three years to understand what affects leaders’ […]

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Taking Fear Out of Leadership

Jim Collins of “Built to Last”, “Good to Great”, “Great by Choice” fame was shaken to the core by his 21 university graduate students (who were researching how good companies can become great) when they challenged him and then proved him wrong about Leadership. Collins had instructed them not to consider Leadership as a factor […]

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Jim Collins on Leadership

Level 5 leaders draw new strategies out of their teams, but this is facilitation, a management technique. Leadership directly influences people to think or act differently, especially when shown by example or bottom-up. Jim Collins didn’t explain level 5 leadership in Good to Great as clearly as he should have done and only a careful […]

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Definition of Leadership – Jack Welsch

How to put GE’S leadership formulae to work in your organisation  By Jeffrey A. Krames Reviewed by Ian Pratt Jack Welch did for leadership and business what Tiger Woods did for golf – raised the bar and set a new standard in performance; a standard that the stock market recognized and rewarded as GE shares, […]

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The leader of an organisation must enable individuals to agree and decide on a Common Goal or Purpose with Shared Behaviours or Values to achieve that goal. “Leaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to heard”. Warren Bennis “When all is ready, the leaders walk out to the dance floor”. James Mooney […]

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Building Your Business to be the Best