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How to Hire and On-board to Engage Star Employees

Robert Gabsa of Gallup Incorporated has an interesting, important and helpful article on hiring, on-boarding and engaging Star Employees. It’s always worthwhile taking what Gallup presents because behind their offerings is a huge amount of research. It isn’t just the thoughts of an individual. An organization is as good as its employees. An organization cannot […]

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STRATEGY – Core Concepts and Analytical Approaches

What Do We Mean by “Strategy”? A company’s strategy is defined by the specific market positioning, competitive moves, and business approaches that form management’s answer to “What’s our plan for running the company and producing good results?” A strategy represents managerial commitment to undertake one set of actions rather than another in an effort to […]

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In Collins and Porras’ research for their book “Built to Last”, they established that all the top companies had two major parts: Culture Strategy Whereas they are directly opposed to each other, as a paradox, they are essential for the existence of each in the workings of the Business Organisation. Whereas Purpose and Values create […]

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Building Your Business to be the Best