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5 Conditions for an Effective Team

Rodger Dean Duncan in his book “LeaderSHOP” claims that “Teamwork is more common as a buzzword than as an actual practice”. He continues to write “In a bid to boost performance, teamwork is touted in corporate vision statements, on wall posters, T-shirts, key chains and coffee mugs. Teamwork is the subject of banal pep talks […]

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How to Hire and On-board to Engage Star Employees

Robert Gabsa of Gallup Incorporated has an interesting, important and helpful article on hiring, on-boarding and engaging Star Employees. It’s always worthwhile taking what Gallup presents because behind their offerings is a huge amount of research. It isn’t just the thoughts of an individual. An organization is as good as its employees. An organization cannot […]

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THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ONES SHARED THESE 5 TRAITS Insights from Google’s new study could forever change how teams are assembled. By Michael Schneider Human capital specialist, Welltower Over the years, Google has embarked on countless quests, collected endless amounts of data, and spent millions trying to better understand its people. One of the company’s most interesting initiatives, Project Aristotle, […]

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TEAMS AND TEAMWORK Assimilated and promoted by Victor Borchers What a team is NOT: “A group of people with just a common goal as with people on an aircraft who have a common goal/destination. Each person may have the same goal/destination, but they are not a team, they are just a group of people”. VJB […]

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